3 Possible Career Paths For A Journeyman Electrician

Electricity plays a role in the day-to-day lives of all homeowners, consumers, and business owners. Managing and maintaining the electrical systems in use today requires training and education that only an electrician receives. Journeyman electricians have several career paths available to them as they await the opportunity to become a licensed master electrician. Review your career options before deciding how you will put your electrical skills to use.

1. Estimator

Estimates are an integral part of any major project. Accurate estimates let those funding the project know how much they can expect to pay for the services needed to complete the project. Electrical wiring and installation is a big part of most modern construction projects. A journeyman electrician can find work as an estimator working with a construction company.

Contractors will provide their clients with a comprehensive estimate of project costs before they begin any actual work. A client will usually secure a few estimates and hire the most affordable contractor. You can use your knowledge of electrical systems to provide accurate and competitive service estimates that will help a construction company secure more jobs over time.

2. Inspector

Any electrical work that is completed in a residential or commercial setting must meet strict minimum standards for safety and quality. An inspector conducts a thorough walk-through of a property and examines the electrical system.

A comparison between the existing system design and the standards required by local building codes will be made. Journeyman electricians have a working knowledge of both building codes and proper electrical system design that allows them to serve as a competent inspector. You can opt to pursue a career as an electrical inspector once you have passed your journeyman electrician exam.

3. Foreman

The need for quality electrical services is always present. This means that a journeyman electrician can easily find work as a foreman working with a construction crew. Major construction projects require the help of multiple electricians to install wiring and components in a timely manner. Someone needs to manage these electricians to ensure they are working safely and efficiently. A journeyman electrician has the knowledge and experience needed to act as a foreman and direct a crew of other journeymen or apprentices to complete electrical jobs in the construction industry.

A journeyman electrician isn't limited to system installation and repair when it comes to identifying a career path. You can find work as an estimator, inspector, or foreman once you have passed your journeyman exam. Look online to find more electrical jobs