Strange And Often-Missed Signs Of Electrical Problems In The House

Many homeowners might feel pretty confident that they could point out an electrical issue even if they have no formal training or experience. In some situations, this may be the case. For example, if you have a light switch that only works sometimes, a fixture that flickers occasionally, or an electric bill that suddenly becomes much higher, you will probably assume there are issues somewhere in the house. However, pointing out many other types of electrical issues is not always so easy. In fact, there are a few strange and often-missed signs of electrical problems in the house that you might miss yourself. 

Odd Smells

Odd smells are rarely associated with electrical problems, but in some situations, your nose can tell you a lot more about your electrical system than you think. If there are wires that are discharging in the walls because they are not properly wrapped, you may smell smoke when the wires connect. If there is something wrong with an outlet, you may smell burned plastic. These odors are often overlooked until there are visible problems, such as melted plastic or scorch marks on an outlet. However, it is best to investigate closely any time you smell something odd coming from an electrical component. 

Occasional Outages 

When the lights go out in your entire house, it is easy to assume that the problem must be with the power company and not with your home's electrical system. This is the assumption because the breaker box is designed to have separate breakers to separate rooms and items, so it is rare for the whole house to kick out all at once. Even though it is rare for the entire home to have an outage and the problem be within the house, it is possible. So before you assume the electric company should tend to the issue, check with your neighbors to ensure they are also having the same problems. 

Clicking Sounds

You are lying in bed at night after the house is quiet and you hear an ever-so-slight click-click-clicking noise radiating from somewhere within the walls. This is a sound that should never be shrugged off, because it could mean that there are open wires making contact and sending out a discharge spark. When two live wires touch, the energy from the wires can cause a spark and a pop. When this happens repeatedly with an electrical wire, you might hear a series of pops, often in an even succession. 

If you're experiencing any of these issues, remember that your neighbor isn't a certified electrician, nor is the average general contractor. You need to get this taken care of right, so be sure to contact companies like Street Brothers Electric.