Attractive Tips For Lighting Your Deck

You can get a lot of enjoyment from your deck, whether it's lounging, sending the kids out to play or entertaining guests. A lot of your outdoor living has the potential to take place during evening hours. Naturally, that necessitates lighting. Because of the multi-purpose nature of your deck, lighting shouldn't be an afterthought. Design your deck lighting to complement your outdoor lifestyle.

Brainstorm Task Lighting

The first step to usefully lighting your deck is considering where you need illumination to complete certain tasks. You definitely want your grill station or outdoor kitchen to be well illuminated. Pay especial attention to food preparation areas because you'll want lights trained directly on these work surfaces. Think about other tasks you might do even in the evening or with clouds overhead, such as gardening, and plan to illuminate these areas as well.

Plan for Stair Lighting

Illuminating your stairs or other entryways to the deck is a prime safety consideration. How you light up this area depends on the setup. For example, if you have stairs away from the house, stair riser lights are a good option. These lights cast light directly into the stairs. If your entryway is near the house, it may be sufficient to train a track light onto the space.

Illuminate Posts and Rails

Another important area for illumination is the perimeter of your deck, which helps you get a sense of your space at night. Electricians can outfit most rails and posts with low-voltage LED lights. These should be wired to a switch separate from other lighting. Post and rail lights can also provide pretty ambient lighting for evening activities.

Light the Landscape

One of the best options for providing ambient lighting on your deck is to illuminate the landscape around it. For example, if you have trees near your deck, consider having uplights installed. Uplighting casts a low glow similar to the moon filtering through the leaves, which can provide a romantic atmosphere on your deck.

Add Festive Lighting

While you're planning ambient lighting, consider festive lights as well. If you plan these out ahead of time, they'll be immediately available for when guests arrive. Two options that Home and Garden TV suggests are origami lanterns and light strands. Origami lanterns serve as décor as well as lighting. Alternatively, consider winding strands of lights around bannisters and plugging them into a switch-operated outlet.

Choose a Statement Light

While many homeowners start with a central ceiling light, it's not the most important light. However, you'll still want to include a central light for quick illumination, especially of a dining area. While you're at it, consider choosing a statement light, a decorative fixture. This could be an elegant ceiling mount or even outdoor chandelier. Just ensure that your fixture is rated for outdoor use.

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