Three Electrical Jobs That Require Help From A Professional

Whenever you face an electrical issue in your home, one of your first decisions is to choose whether to attempt to fix the problem on your own or arrange for a visit from an electrician. In many cases, rolling up your sleeves and getting to work can be advantageous; there's a high degree of satisfaction in getting the job done on your own. For more serious issues, however, it's not a time to be adventurous. Electrical issues in your home can lead to fires if they're not addressed correctly, so if something is outside your comfort level, it's best to involve a professional. Here are three jobs that you shouldn't attempt to tackle yourself. 

Too Many Cords Running To One Outlet

Colloquially known as an "octopus," having multiple cords and extension cords running to the same outlet is more than just an eyesore. This setup can put a considerable strain on the outlet and if there's a power surge, you're at risk of the electronic items plugged into that wall outlet getting damaged. The solution isn't more power bars; it's time to call an electrician to examine the problem. He or she will likely make some simple upgrades to your home's circuit breaker panel and install an extra wall outlet in the room to allow you to distribute your devices more evenly.

Flickering Overhead Lights

Overhead lights that flicker due to vibrations below, such as you walking heavily across the floor, can cause you considerable frustration. You can get to the heart of the matter by hiring an electrician to investigate exactly why the lights aren't staying consistently lit. Whether they were installed poorly, the connection inside the fixture isn't complete or there's an issue with the wiring in your ceiling, your electrician will be able to quickly determine the extent of the problem and make the necessary changes. Because there are so many potential causes, this job isn't one to attempt without the proper expertise. 

Frequent Power Outages

No one likes being left in the dark, and if your home gives you frequent power outages that your neighbors aren't experiencing, you need a professional (such as those from Genesis Electrical Service Inc.) on your side. An experienced electrician will run a series of diagnostic tests to your circuit breaker panel and beyond to determine the reason for the problem, and the share with you the most cost-effective way to fix it. The amateur can't begin to figure out this issue on his or her own, so it's time to put down your tools and pick up the phone.