3 Tips On Effectively Using Surge Protectors Around Your Home

If you want to make sure that you are using surge protectors properly around your home, here are three invaluable tips that can be used to make informed decisions. You can use these three tips to ensure the home has what it needs in every room to accommodate a diversity of needs.  

Tip #1 - Learn the Differences between Power Strips and Surge Protectors 

Before getting started with any surge protection plan around your home, you will need to know the basic differences between a surge protector and ordinary power strip. Products lacking the terms interruption switch, fused strip, or surge protection typically means these are power strips and not a surge protector.

A power strip will simply allow you to plug in multiple electronic devices into one sector. It's great considering how most outlets only allow for two items to be plugged in at a time. The surge protector allows you to do the same thing; however, it also helps protect your electronic devices should a power spike occur.

Tip #2 - Purchase Surge Protectors That Have More Outlets Than Needed 

Purchasing a surge protector that has more outlets than needed not only provides the ample amount of protection needed, but allows you to move it around from room to room. Since outlets vary, you may have an option of choosing a surge protector that has four, six, or twelve outlets.

In some cases, the best investment is choosing a surge protector that has 12 outlets. This prevents you from needing to daisy-chain your surge protectors or with a power strip. You will lose your protection doing so.

Tip #3 – Purchase a Surge Protector for the Right Job 

It certainly won't hurt to purchase a variety of surge protectors. For the most part, the thicker, larger, and higher joules the surge protector, the more it will cost. The joules is the amount of protection the surge protector offers. So don't feel bad about purchasing a more inexpensive one for your fan or lamp. However, high-end electronics such as your television, cable box, or computer should have a fairly decent one. The cost is well worth it.

The above tips will help you select the best surge protectors for your home. However, consult with an electrician, such as those at R & R Electric Co Inc, to have them install a surge protection device in your electric meter to give a first level of protection for all your appliances.