Three Ways Electricians Can Use Online Advertising To Attract New Clients

Have you noticed that local clientele are hiring larger corporations with numerous electricians to complete the electrical work needed around their homes? It can be difficult for small, local electrical companies to become established within their community. You might have a variety of local ads placed already, but if you really want to attract attention, you need to master the art of using online advertising to spread the word about your electrical company and attract local clients.

Social Media Content

People use social media for several reasons, including asking their friends for recommendations. So it's imperative for every local electrician to have business pages on social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You need to use social media to brand yourself. This way, when people think about electricians, they think about you. When you're trying to brand your page, avoid sales pitches. Instead, post things, such as

  • Online content about electrical concerns that might interest your target market, such as how to do simple home electrical repairs, articles that discuss electrical fire safety, or blog posts that discuss baby proofing a house to protect children from electrical outlets or plugged-in devices.
  • Pictures of projects that you're working on. For example, if you're working on rewiring a home for a client, post a picture of the wires with a caption about what you're doing.
  • Short how-to videos. People love DIY projects. So make short videos covering simple electrical topics, such as installing an outlet. Not only does the video provide value to your audience, it helps people remember that you're an electrician.

Social Media Ads

Most social media websites also allow users to create targeted online ads. These are ads that will be displayed on the social media website to your target audience. In order to reach your target audience, you'll need to select the correct geographical area so that your ads are only seen locally. However, you should also narrow your audience even further by targeting home owners, as well as people with an interest in do-it-yourself projects, because these are the type of people who might be in need of electrical repairs.

Search Engine Advertising

People often turn to popular search engines, such as Yahoo!, Bing, and Google, to find professionals in their local area. You can take advantage of this by placing ads with the search engines. When you place your ad, you'll need to narrow down your target audience so that the ad is only displayed to people who live within the area that you work. In addition to narrowing your target audience geographically, you should also use geographical keywords by including your city and state after your keyword. For example, if you're an electrician in Atlanta, Georgia, a good keyword to use in your ad would be "electricians in Atlanta, Georgia."

Placing online ads isn't difficult, but in order for your ad to work, you need to make sure it reaches the right people. By targeting people in your local area who might be in need of an electrician, such as homeowners, your online ads will attract the right clientele and begin to bring you new business. For more information about how to advertise, consider getting advice from a company like Palmer Electric Inc.